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Remote authentication by a team of former Nike, Grailed employees and authentication consultants gathering 20+ years’ in the sneaker market.

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  • If there is one thing that drives the sneaker community off the rails, it is counterfeiters selling fakes as authentic. Own Kicks‘ goal is to make our members’ lives easier, saving time and the hassle of figuring out whether the sneakers are fake. When authenticity matters, it’s Own Kicks. Try OwnKicks - Uploading pictures is not required.
    For Business:
    Today’s customers are less likely to buy if they have experienced being scammed. Seventy-three percent of our customers identified authenticity as their primary concern when shopping online. Our solution provides the fastest, accurate results that help businesses build trust with their customers. We provide the information they need, including authenticity verification and a certificate of authenticity backed by a team of authentication experts. Request Demo
  • Why Now:

    1: Sneaker and streetwear enthusiasts struggle to find real deals. Hundreds of websites and apps sell products to customers who want the latest style, but few offer anything authentic.

    2: Companies are spending over $105 billion annually to combat counterfeits.

    3: Our customers recognize counterfeit as a problem. Money-back guarantee is not customers' primary concern when shopping online for sneakers. “I wanted to know if this site is legit for me to buy these shoes. Please contact me back using this email.” Larnetta W.